So what's the deal? Why do we spend so much time on looking good? Why do we care? Why are we judged? Is it a bad thing that I care about my image? And why do people take it all so seriously?

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In modern society, it is not necessarily that ‘Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder’, but rather, it’s accessibility lies in ones wallet.  Throw the words ‘Beauty’, ‘Youth’, ‘Glowing’, ‘Radiant’and ‘Flawless’ into the mix of a marketing campaign and you will see just how quickly a product can sell out.

However, once you get your adult feet on the ground underneath you and start enjoying  more financial freedom in your life, you realise that you’ve spent a horrendous amount of money on products that have proved themselves to be terrible.  If, however, you develop a nous for gaining some insight and knowledge about your next great purchase, you can begin to narrow down the field of volume vs. quality, and purchase products that are of absolute benefit to you, that will become part of your daily ritual, and will make you genuinely feel better.

At the very heart of this blog is the Jane Doe Concept: a Jane Doe is without definition, she is free to pass through life without people knowing who she really is; if one were to wake up with style amnesia one day, one would then be given the latitude to create their own world image, to discover the self that they would wish to portray to the world.  Jane Doe’s are multifaceted, fit into many genres within society and construct their own world view around them.

The other point to note, of course, is that this is a makeup and style blog.  In no way is ones blending technique for a smokey eye going to find the answers to the purpose and meaning of life.  In no way should you take makeup so overly seriously.  At the end of your day it comes off, so to take something that is nice but fleeting so seriously seems like an exercise in futility.

In modern society, however, makeup does serve a rather self-focused purpose; to get you ready for your day or night ahead.  Makeup can convey your emotional mindset without you knowing, it can also allude to the degree with which you would like to share yourself with the world.  It can elude to your lifestyle and the amount of ‘self’ time you have available (which for a lot of people is often no more than 5 minutes), and can also give an indication as to whether you see makeup as non-essential in your daily life, a necessary evil, or as a blissful ritual.

This blog is going to contain everything from conversations regarding makeup and style myths and truths, makeup product reviews and tips, online purchasing tips and website recommendations (especially helpful for those like myself who live in New Zealand and get ridiculously ripped off by market forces) and consumer tips on how to make your hard earned dollars go further.

Over the course of this blog I hope to share what I have learnt over the years.  As a consumer it’s a good idea to be educated about what it is you want to buy, but there is a lot of conflicting information out there in the websphere.  Hopefully this blog will serve as a helpful resource for those who stumble across it, and I look forward to sharing what I have learnt with you all.