Jane Doe

I'm a beauty blogger who values the authentic over the latest fad, and who believes that style will take you further than trends.

Hello my darlings, welcome to my blog.  My name is Jane and the intention of this exercise is to share what I have learnt about the beauty industry as a consumer and passionate advocate.

I am by no means a professional makeup artist or stylist, however I am an active customer in a consumer society, and have accrued a number of years experience related to the search for the ‘next best thing that will actually work’.

I live in Godzone, the wonderful and beautiful New Zealand.  This also means, however, that if I want to purchase something locally, I am often paying an arm and a leg for an item I can purchase overseas and bring into New Zealand privately for less than the local retail price.  Over the years I have learnt the essentials of looking after your skin, checking on what is is you should be applying to it and acknowledging that there are some trends you may be madly in love with that for one reason or another will not be ones that you will be able to partake in (if I want to Strobe in 2016, all I have to do is walk outside after I wash my face #oilyskinissues).  Also, sometimes those things we may see as a flaw or a hindrance may wind up a benefit (again, I have oily skin, however this category of skin tends to be less susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines).

I hope that this blog may be useful to some and amusing to all.